Strategy for King567 Andar Bahar Game

King567 Andar Bahar Game

King567 Andar Bahar

The Internet has opened the door for online casinos. Players can experience the thrill of exciting casino games from anywhere worldwide. King567 is a popular name in the online gambling sector.King567 offers players various interesting games and a safe and secure interface.

Among the wide range of games king567 offers, one well-known name is Andar Bahar.

We will look into and out of king567 Andar Bahar in this blog. It will help players understand the rules of this game, increasing the chance of winning.

What is King567 Andar Bahar?

King567 Andar Bahar is a digital version of the traditional Indian card game “Katti”. Andar Bahar is a modified version of Katti, offering players a fresh and reliable online casino experience. King567 Andar Bahar has several rules and tricks, unlike Western card games, making it a unique and exciting choice for gamblers looking for something new.

Andar Bahar is a simple Indian casino game where you bet on whether the next card drawn will be from the “inside” (Andar) or “outside” (Bahar) pile. The game objective is to win by correctly predicting the pile on which the next drawn card will land.

Andar Bahar Rules

Andar Bahar is like a simple coin tossing game, where you bet on either “Andar” or “Bahar” to win. Here’s how it works:

Game Setup

Andar Bahar is a simple Indian casino game with two betting options: “Andar” (inside) and “Bahar” (outside). The game uses a single deck of cards and a betting table with two sections, Andar and Bahar. The dealer deals a single face-up card, the Joker, and players bet on whether the next card drawn will be from the Andar or Bahar section.

Dealer’s Role in the Game

The dealer, also known as the house, in the Andar Bahar game is responsible for shuffling the card deck, dealing the cards, and collecting & paying out bets. They also ensure that the game is fair and that all players follow the rules.

The game starts with a shuffled deck of cards, and a joker card is placed between the “Andar” and “Bahar” areas on the table.

Cards are then dealt individually to the “andar” and “bahar” sides until a card matching the joker is dealt. It doesn’t matter what kind of cards are suitable, but if it’s a face card like a jack, it needs to match another face card.

Betting on “andar” or “bahar” gives you almost a 50-50 chance of winning, like flipping a coin. But here’s the thing: because most games deal the first card to “andar”, it has a tiny advantage over “bahar”. The odds are higher for “andar” at 51.5% compared to 48.5% for “bahar”.

Because of this slight advantage, if you bet on “andar” and win, you will be paid 1.90 times your bet, while if you bet on “bahar” and win, you will be paid 2 times your bet.

If you want more excitement and different odds, there are also other bets you can make besides just choosing “andar” or “bahar”. These bets offer more varied and interesting chances to win.

How to play King567 Andar Bahar?

To play King567 Andar Bahar online, look for it in king567’s table games or casual games section. If you want to play with a live dealer, search for it in the live dealer section.

Before betting real money, try out the free demo versions available on many sites to understand how the game works.

When you are ready to play, you can see different areas on the game screen where you can place your bets. You can choose the amount you want to bet by clicking on the chips. Then, click “Andar” or “Bahar” to place your main bet. You can also make other side bets, like guessing the suit or colour of the cards.

You can make two main bets in Andar Bahar: “Andar” or “Bahar.” If you bet on “Andar” and win, you get 1.90 times your bet, but if you bet on “Bahar” and win, you get 2 times your bet, though a small commission goes to the casino.

Some side bets can only be made before the cards are dealt, like guessing the value of the Joker card. The game usually starts by dealing a card to the “Andar” side, but sometimes it starts with “Bahar”, depending on the colour of the joker.

Just place your bets, wait for the cards to be dealt, and see if you win!

Types of Bets in king567 Andar Bahar Game

This game has two types of bets – the first bet and the second bet.

First Bet :

The first bet is wagered after the dealer reveals the trump card. After the best bets are placed, the dealer reveals one card at a time from the closed pile, placing the first card on Bahar and the second card on Andar. If either of the cards matches the value of the trump card, the round ends, and the winner receives a payout.

Second Bet :

Placing the second bet is optional, and it comes into action when the first two cards revealed by the dealer do not match the trump card. Again, players can wager on either the Andar or Bahar piles. After placing the bets, the dealer will reveal one card at a time and place them sequentially on Bahar and Andar until one of the cards matches the trump.

The payouts in the Andar Bahar game depend on the stage at which the dealer’s card matches the trump card. Since the dealer places the first card on Bahar, the winner receives 25% of the stake as a payout if the card is the same as the Joker card.

If the first card placed on Andar is equivalent to the trump card, all bets for that player get paid off at even money.

As stated before, if none of the first cards on Bahar and Andar matches the trump, the dealer calls for the second bet. If the first card on the second Bahar bet is the same as the trump card, the winner gets paid 25% of the initial wager and 100% of the first bets on Bahar.

Now, the payouts highlighted above are relevant to the standard gaming rules. However, you also have a chance to earn payouts as high as 120:1. Want to know how? You can do so by participating in side bets.

The three side bets in Andar Bahar – the trash game include –

  • Betting the range of cards between the trump card drawn and the matching card
  • You can also place a Trump card prediction wager. The options here include predicting whether Trump will be a black or a red card, whether it will be a card between 9 and Ace or 2 t0 7 or 8, and finally, whether it will belong to a particular suit.
  • Placing a mid-game wager is the third side bet. You place a mid-game wager once the dealer deals the first Bahar and Andar cards.

3 things to remember while playing Andar Bahar

To enhance your understanding of King567 Andar Bahar, let’s dive deeper into the game rules:

1. Side Bets: King567 Andar Bahar offers an array of side bets that can add excitement and increase the potential for big wins. Here are some noteworthy side bets:

● First Card: This side bet offers a significant payout if the Joker card matches the first card in the winning pile. However, it is important to note that this bet has a lower RTP than others, so avoiding it might be wise.

Number of Cards: This bet allows players to predict the number of cards to be dealt before the round concludes. For example, if you bet on 6-10 cards, you will win at odds of 3.5:1. The 6-10 and 15-25 ranges offer the best betting value and the highest RTP.

Initial 3: This side bet involves forming 3-card poker hands using the Joker, the first Andar card, and the first Bahar card. You win if you get a Flush, Straight, or Straight Flush. This side bet also offers decent returns across the board.

2. Card Types: King567 Andar Bahar features different types of cards that can impact the gameplay and add excitement to each round. Understanding these card types is crucial for making informed betting decisions. Here are some of the key card types in the game:

● Joker Card: The Joker card is the “ace in the hole” and is the game’s focal point. It determines the winning hand and can significantly impact the outcome of each round.

Andar Cards: These cards are placed in the Andar pile during the round. The number and rank of these cards play a crucial role in determining the winning hand.

Bahar Cards: Similar to Andar cards, Bahar cards are placed in the Bahar pile during the round. The distribution and rank of these cards are vital for predicting the winning hand.

3. Game Statistics: King567 Andar Bahar provides players with helpful game statistics and information to aid their decision-making. These statistics include hot and cold numbers, detailed guides, and other useful data to enhance your playing experience.

Terminologies Used in Andar Bahar

Here are some common terms and their meaning to help players understand the casino jargon easily.

Andar: It means ‘inside’. In the game, Andar refers to the designated section along the top of the table; it is also the farthest area from where the player sits.

Bahar: Bahar means ‘outside’, and on the table, it refers to the part closest to the players.

Joker/Trump: The Joker or the Trump card refers to the card the dealer reveals at the beginning of the game. The game aims to find a matching card while the dealer reveals cards in the deck one at a time.

Side bet: Side bets are not integral to the Andar Bahar game but are played to earn additional payouts.

Maang Patta: Maang Patta is another name for Andar Bahar.

Katti: Andar Bahar is also referred to as ‘Katti’.

Banker: The person who deals with the cards and manages the game.

Player: The person who plays the game. 

Cut: The process of randomly choosing a card to determine the order of play.

Shuffle: The process of mixing up the deck of cards before dealing. 

Draw The process of taking a card from the deck. 

Stake: The amount of money or chips a player has to put up to play the game. 

Bet: The amount of money or chips a player has to put up to place a wager on the game.

Range: The number of cards dealt before the joker card appears.

Push: results from a tie in which no money is won or lost.

Why is the Andar Bahar Card Game popular in India?

It has been hundreds of years since the invention of the Andar Bahar game, and to this day, it is a popular card game in India. Its popularity has resulted in the game being made available online, too. Its straightforward rules are one reason the game is well-liked in the country.

Below are a few other reasons as to why it is widely admired –

Passed on to generations:

Having existed in India for decades, Andar Bahar has been passed on by parents to the next generations. It is a common game in Indian households and is a great bonding activity for family members.

Fun element:

Learning Andar Bahar is no rocket science, as its rules are simple and easy to execute. Moreover, the unpredictability factor makes this game fun for people of all ages.

Low house edge:

Unlike several other card games, Andar Bahar’s online game has a low house edge, meaning your chances of winning are higher, preventing you from losing much money. Nevertheless, you must place good bets consistently to reap the benefits.


King567 Andar Bahar promises an exciting and rewarding gameplay experience.

When playing King567 Andar Bahar, remember it’s like a simple coin flip game where you bet on “andar” or “bahar” to win. While the odds are close to even, with a slight advantage for “andar,” the real excitement comes from trying different strategies and exploring the various side bets available. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, experimenting with different approaches can make the game even more enjoyable.

Remember to check the game’s rules, strategies, and odds to maximize your chances of success. So, why wait? Explore the world of King567 Andar Bahar and embark on an exciting gambling journey today!

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